The Benefits Of Poly Pipes

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Polybutylene pipe is suitable for most home hot and cold-water plumbing and heating systems, as it is extremely durable and long-lasting.

One of the material’s main advantages is its natural flexibility, which allows you to bend the pipe to fit even the most difficult of spaces. Whether it’s increasing the number of rooms in a home or adding a new bathroom, we can help. It’s the perfect tool for the job and no poly pipe scraper in melbourne is required to do the deed.

Warmth and Coolness

Poly pipe fittings have a high resistance to freezing temperatures, allowing it to be used in heating and water applications for a long time. These pipes are much lighter, easier, and faster to install.

Polybutylene pipe also offers the advantage of being able to transport more materials in straight lengths or coils, and, more crucially, our pipe can be fitted straight from the coil.

These materials provide exceptional performance in terms of low noise transmission and low water hammer effect once installed, resulting in a quiet, efficient system for houses.

Underfloor Advantages

While it’s ideal for all 15mm pipe underfloor heating applications, including solid, suspended, as well as over-the-floor, the added benefit of employing this piping system is that extra or left over pipecan be used in other installations or applications. Therefore, it’s a win-win.

Polybutylene can also be customised for a variety of uses. Some polybutylene pipe grades, for example, are specifically intended for underfloor heating applications, having greater flexibility that can be employed with the system.


Because plastic plumbing pipe and fittings are compatible with traditional materials such as copper, they can be mixed and matched in retrofit and renovation projects.

Push-fit fittings make installation easier and faster, and they can be used to complement copper in mixed-material systems.

The objective is to find the optimum solution for the job at hand, which includes utilising plastic piping to its full potential.

Easy Installation

Pro-Straight technology is integrated into every one of Polypipe’s plumbing and heating pipe coils, offering you unsurpassed simplicity of use during installation.

The five-layer Poly pipe fittings are exceptionally flexible and may be used right out of the coil. It can be used in a variety of plumbing and heating systems.

Many modern buildings are built in the same way that pre-1960s ones were, with wooden joists in the floor and floorboards on top. Modern structures have specifically constructed joists that are more sturdy than traditional wooden joists, but they are also more difficult to thread a copper pipe through.

Plumbers and installers, on the other hand, can connect piping through the joists like cabling systems, and even hide unattractive pipework behind walls for a more pleasing interior design. You’ll know how much easier it is to thread a plastic pipe through a joist or a poly pipe scraper if you’ve ever attempted threading a copper pipe through one!

If you are having your home’s plumbing system inspected or revamped, consider going for poly pipes and you can thank us here

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