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You should strongly consider the headroom when you are considering to invest in loft beds or bunk beds Australia. The space which is between the mattresses’ top and ceiling is called headroom. The space should be enough so you can climb easily and get out of your bed without getting hurt. 30 inches should be left apart at least for a headroom as per consumer product safety commission.

What should be the size of loft beds?

When you decide to buy the loft bed or the race car toddler bed, firstly, you should consider is measuring the space. Ceiling height and floor space should also be known. 36 inches must be dded on every side of loft beds which will make your movement around its structures easy and without any issues.

You should consider the space that will be available underneath the loft beds. The loft beds will provide you with extra space on floors. But keep in mind the space amount under the beds is highly dependent on your beds’ height too. Make it a thumb rule for expecting space of 50.5 inches under bed of 8 ft ceiling, 55.5 inches under 9 ft ceiling beds as well as 63 inches for 10 feet.

Oh! Do you need to think over weight for you loft beds? Loft beds are of different types. Loft beds for kids are specifically made for them whereas, loft beds for adults are different and particularly targeted for them. You should contact the manufacturers for checking the weight limits.

Are the guardrails needed for the loft beds? Apparently, loft beds are needed with guardrails for children specifically and not for adults. But it is preferable for adults too as accidents are unpredictable and can happen at any time. So prevention is better than cure. One should be save from the accidents by these guardrails.

What sort of mattresses are needed for loft beds. The guardrails must be installed with loft beds with a height of 5 inches that must be above the mattresses. The mattresses should be 8-12 inches high box springs are not needed for loft beds. Still, wooden slats or bunkie boards are needed for loft beds.

When you buy different kinds of loft beds, you should look for loft beds that may give you extra space. Look for weight and its mattresses, whatever you feel best according to your needs. You can select the material of loft beds that what it should be made up of either plastic or steel or wood.